Photo Categories

Seascape photo/image


Photos taken on, in, around and below the ocean. Just like landscapes but with lots of water.

Sky photo/image


Sports photo/image


Photographs of sporting events, such as football, soccer, hockey, rugby, racing of all kinds, etc.

Stage photo/image


Photographs of dance, acting, and other live performances.

Still Life photo/image

Still Life

Photographs where the primary subject is inanimate, carefully placed to form a unique composition. This category may also include machinery, statues and artwork.

Street photo/image


Street photography from all over the world.

Transportation photo/image


Planes, trains, boats and automobiles... and any other transportation method you can think of...such as wagons, hot air balloons or even blimps!

Travel photo/image


Photographs in which the purpose of chosing the primary subject of your image was designed to illustrate the uniqueness of the locale.

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