Photo Categories

Landscape photo/image


Photographs primarily illustrating the land, water or sky. Note that this may have Nature subjects included in your image, but the main purpose is to show the visual combination of all of these elements. Any images, where the subject is the moon or stars should also be included in this category.

Macro-Close Up photo/image

Macro-Close Up

Close-up photographs showing the subject at 1:2 or greater magnification.

Nature photo/image


Photographs where the primary subject is a naturally developing object, such as a flower, tree or leaf. If the scene is designed to illustrate a variety of nature elements, then consider Landscape. Images of birds and animals should be placed in the Wildlife category.

Others photo/image


Please review all other categories before posting to Other. If your subject clearly does NOT fit elsewhere, consider this category.

Panoramic photo/image


Photos taken in either the horizontal or vertical format where the ratio of the height to width is 2:1 or 1:2.

People photo/image


Photographs where the primary subject is a person or group ofpeople, but is specifically shot to display the mood of the scene.

Portrait photo/image


Photographs where the primary subject is an individual or group, but is shot specifically to display the personality of the subject.

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