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At PhotoNuke we value your privacy and as such here is our statement and commitment to you:

Information Collection and Use
Your name and email address which are collected when you create an account are kept strictly confidential. We do not sell or share this information. Even if you choose to participate in receiving emails from our sponsors, the information will be kept confidential.
When you choose to make your email address public in the site, it means others will be able to send you emails through the site but your email address will not be disclosed to them. Only you, after you receive an email, may choose to correspond with the person.

Log Files
We gather usage information on our site for statistical analysis. This information, at a global level (not specific to you), may be shared with our sponsors.

This site may contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the information contained in those other sites or their privacy policies.

A cookie is a piece of data which is either stored in the viewer's hard drive or in the viewer's computer memory. Our site uses cookies stored in computer memory for the most part. These types of cookies are deleted as soon as the viewer closes the browser. There are some instances, where we may store information on a hard drive-based cookie. In those cases, there will be a check mark asking you, the viewer, for permission to store the cookie in a hard drive.

IP Address
The IP address from which you are accessing the website is recorded every time you manually or automatically log in to the website.
We feel this information needs to be recorded in order to better track any misuse of the site. However, this information is not disclosed to anyone other than site administrators.

Disclose to Authority
When required by law, any information you provide in this site will be forwarded to the proper law enforcement agencies.

Contacting by Email
PhotoNuke may contact you via email regardless of your profile selection if complaints are lodged against you or if you violate any of the Terms or Rules of the site.

Copyright © Material
Please refer to our Copyright © Page.

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